Revelation - God's Future Plan For The World!

The apostle John was an expatriate on the island of Patmos in the year 95 A.D. He was the oldest living apostle, in other words, the other eleven apostles have passed away by this time. When this book was written, John were an old man of about 90 years.

 Jesus reveals himself to John in a wonderful way. By using signs, symbols, visions and countenances, Jesus gives John the message of the book Revelation. This is how we receive one of the most precious books of the Bible.

 Revelation is a very important book of Scripture because it is the last book written, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Thus this book is correctly placed as the last book of the Bible. Just as the four gospels commences the New Testament with the first coming of Christ, Revelation ends the New Testament with the general theme of Christ’s second coming.

The book of Revelation is a source of spiritual treasures. Therein are many wonderful truths to be discovered, spiritual lessons to be learnt, warnings and reprimands to take to heart. The book has lovely encouragements and promises to hold on to. We are provided with reliable information and teachings regarding the future of planet earth and its people. Yes, the book is truly a mine of spiritual riches to be tapped.

God’s future plan for the world

The book Revelation is divided into seven clearly marked dispensations or parts. It helps us to understand God’s future plan with the world and its people.

Divisions of the book

  • The glorified Christ (Chapter 1).
  • The church on earth (Chapter 2 and 3).
  • The church in heaven (Chapter 4 and 5).
  • The seven year time period of tribulation on earth (Chapter 6 to 18).
  • The visible coming of Jesus (Chapter 19).
  • The millennial reign of Christ and the final judgment (Chapter 20).
  • The new heaven, the new earth and the new city (Chapter 21 and 22).